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---PC Magazine Italian

PDF file format has become one of the most used formats when trying to send documents from one person to another. With PDFs, you do not have to worry about how the document is going to come out on the other end because the PDF file format is standardized. 

Unlike creating something in let's say something in the Office suite, not everyone needs or has installed an office suite on their computer. Downloading OpenOffice to open a document can be a lengthy process when the person on the other end does not have broadband. The solution to their problem would easily be use the PDF format.

PDF format documents require a quick download of Adobe Acrobat Reader and that is all. Unlike sending a doc format document, the person does not have to download a whole office suite and then figure out if everything looks the way it's supposed to be.

CoolPDF, is the type of program that will convert conventional documents easily for you into the PDF format.

CoolPDF will let you convert current documents into the PDF version by opening up the document and printing it to the CoolPDF printer. You can easily convert files to PDF. 

If you got an image of some format that you want to save and send it to someone, you can use CoolPDF as a printer and it will save the image into a PDF document. This can save you or the other person a lot of time trying to find a free program that would open up that file type.

A nifty feature I've seen in CoolPDF is that you can assign permissions to the converted PDF document. You can assign printing capabilities, encryption, passwords and more. These functions can be found in Adobe Acrobat products which cost a lot more than this product. The only difference is that you cannot create PDF documents from scratch like you can in Adobe Acrobat. 

Even included is the option of Font Embedding where if it does not come out right, you can use a embded a font to make the document come out properly. Usually, font embedding is done automatically.

CoolPDF is a great PDF converter that gives you a lot of options that similar programs might not offer. What is the same here is that if you are viewing something and want to save it as a PDF so you can bring it somewhere else, all you do is print it to your PDF printer and it instantly creates your PDF document.

The only disadvantage really is that the converter should be able to batch convert, because although it might sound silly why would someone want to make a pdf out of the document. Another thing is people who use OpenOffice, have the ability to save their document into PDF for free, but that is if you only need to use the PDF functionality in those programs only. 

---PDF Community Lecture Notes

PDF is the most portable type of document that there when it comes to going to different PCs whether at home or at work, you don't have to have the same program installed on multiple machines, or worse going to someone else's computer and finding out your document might be incompatible. 

PDF format as a whole is compatible on all operating systems, Windows, Mac OS and Linux, so if you're a person who finds you're jumping between different operating systems it is important for you to keep the integrity of the document as perfect as possible. 

The way CoolPDF works is that it installs a virtual printer in which it encapsulates the document, whether text, graphics or both, and outputs it into a PDF file format. From there you can print it from PDF readers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, and any other reader on Windows, Linux or Mac OS. 

There are tons of features with CoolPDF that you can set. When going to print a document there are printer settings for your output, which lets you add or customize how the document will be outputted.

You can put your information into the PDF document, other things include which version of PDF to output in, encryption so that anyone can't view the document, output settings such as Adobe Reader 6.0 format. 

With graphics, you have a few options to choose from, the resolution that the graphics will be saved as; the lower the resolution the lower the quality of the image, but the faster it will print and the smaller the PDF document will be. You can convert bitmap images to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), compress images in a document so you can make the outputted PDF file smaller.

Also for those who don't only use standard paper sizes, CoolPDF allows you to print to a variety of formats and also to specify the size of the output, ie: 4x11 per se, so customization is thought of in CoolPDF. 

CoolPDF is truly a compact program that will easily output any document from any program that has a print option and save the document as a standard PDF format. I like the way that it installs and does not add a Start Menu item in the list, which would be kind of redundant. 

Being able to customize the output of the document is important for most people, but if you just use standard paper sizes, then there would not be a need for all those customizations. Security of a document is as well important and being able to encrypt a document is good for those who use the document in a work environment where not everyone can view the document itself. 

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There are many free ways to create PDF documents for free. The methods all involve some sort of drawback, which you won't get from paying for programs. CoolPDF, this is an awesome product and so easy to use! It makes PDF files out of whatever documents you have. Need I say more? 

                                                                                                                        Tod Hector
Research Consulting

I wanted a utility that created a PDF. That's it; no bells, no whistles. Installation was simple and easy. When I goto print a word doc, I simply select CoolPDF as a 'printer'. Done! Simple and fast!

                                                                                                                        Richard Hays
Stanford University

Quick 'n' Easy. It is quick, small, and easy to use.

                                                                                                                        Marc Weinzetl
ABS GesmbH

Absolutely easy to use, you don't even have to load up this program to use it. You just print your document as normal, but select the printer CoolPDF. A 'Save As' box appears and you can choose where to save to and that's it! It will work with anything that can print, images, documents, spreadsheets, anything! Really easy to use, highly recommended.

                                                                                                                        Alain Durand
France Telecom

I needed a PDF printer, this one downloaded and installed in less then 3 mins and worked great even without a reboot. Cool!

                                                                                                                   Alexander Schwarz
UNESCO, United Nations    

It couldn't be any easier than this. Simply print your document and select CoolPDF from the list of printers, just like you do when you print any document and voila, your document is converted to a PDF file!

                                                                                                                     Bernard Durand
Airbus Industries

It's fast and trouble free, even with large files and images.

                                                                                                                     Charles Kerr
                                                                                                            GE Deutschland GmbH

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